Squirrel Buster Standard


Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Feeder 3/4 Qt. capacity. Effective against red and gray squirrels.


The new Squirrel Buster Standard raises the standard in everything a wild bird feeder should be. Here’s why: Award-winning Squirrel Buster technology is truly squirrel-proof. Over 4 million very happy customers have confirmed it.; Patented weight adjustable closing mechanism shuts out squirrels as well as some heavier undesirable birds. Seed Tube Ventilation keeps seed fresh.; Both perching and clinging footholds increase bird activity.; Chew-proof components stop annoying squirrel damage.; Detachable Component System for easy cleaning, filling and servicing.; Stainless steel perches and hanger.; UV stabilized components. Comes with Lifetime Care.


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